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First, let me take a moment to thank all of our friends, FB followers, and readers for your support of the Ghostly Encounters project. We are thrilled at the response and reviews we have received thus far from across the country. The feedback really galvanizes our belief that there is a large constituency of paranormal enthusiasts who desire a more mature and balanced approach, treatment, and consideration of this remarkable phenomena than what we typically see on TV. Our goal was, and continues to be; to raise the level and quality of discussion in the ghost/spirit segment of the paranormal field. Using a football analogy; even if we are able to advance the ball a couple of yards, we would consider the endeavor to be a success. In our humble opinion, “Ghostly Encounters: Confessions of Paranormal Investigator has certainly set us in the right direction… and we couldn’t have done it without you. Johnathon and I are grateful for your interest and support!

This past weekend (April 1-3, 2016), I made one of my migratory trips from Atlanta back to the Buckeye State and Dresden, Ohio; home of our beloved Prospect Place mansion, where the community would be celebrating its recently enacted community festival. Though the town was incorporated back in 1835, this is only the second year the community has worked together for a home day festival. Approximately twenty years after incorporation, Mr. George W. Adams constructed the Prospect Place, setting an indelible mark on the community, the region, the state, and even our nation.

More activities were planned for this year, including an Underground Railroad reenactment where local history and Black Studies professor, Dr. Annette Jefferson, reenacted the role of Harriet Tubman, leading participants on a tour that began in the town of Dresden and concluded in the cellar of Prospect Place. What an excellent “living history” interpretation! It was great to see so many participants, both young and old, taking the wagon ride, listening to the stories, and escaping from the cold in the basement of the mansion. And yes, it was a very cold and windy weekend. Watching this living-history presentation in the inclement weather really drove home the point how desperate and determined these tragic unfortunates really were.

I also made the trip up north to help out in the ongoing restoration of the mansion. This brings me to the subject I wanted to write about today. Particularly for individuals who are affiliated with investigating teams, I would strongly encourage you to reach out to your favorite local/regional haunts (sites/locations) and volunteer your time and effort. There are so many important historic sites throughout our nation that, like Prospect Place, desperately need our time, support, and attention. So often John and I have heard from investigators of their love for specific sites. This of course is always great to hear, but tell me; how well do you really know that site? Are they a non-profit organization or privately held? Is the property in good, bad, or really bad condition? And most importantly, do they need help? So often it seems that investigating teams are all too eager to “take advantage” of an opportunity to investigate a site, that might very well be struggling under overwhelming maintenance, restoration, even financial burdens.

Ever think about volunteering your time and donating some sweat to that preferred site?

With literally thousands of haunted historic sites throughout the country, many of which are in dire structural and financial straits, you might be surprised how valuable your efforts might be in saving such places. Establishing connections with haunted locations and supporting their preservation efforts creates win-win situations for site owners and investigators alike.

In the one year since C-Bus Paranormal has partnered with Prospect Place, we have been instrumental in establishing the volunteer “Friends of Prospect Place Association,” where paranormal enthusiasts have come together to help save this historic treasure from the wrecking ball. Besides holding monthly “Restoration Days,” where volunteers do everything from pushing brooms, mopping floors, or painting walls, we also work closely Prospect Place’s Board of Trustees; strategizing fundraising, raising awareness, creating educational opportunities. I am pleased to note, we are finally at a point where we are seeking local, regional, state and philanthropic grant funding for longer-term security for this artifact of a bygone era.

Contributing your time and efforts to an owner (private or nonprofit), also provides benefits to you and your team, such as free investigations, valuable public relations and awareness for your team. Everybody wins!

Though some organizational effort and initiative is required at the start up, committed likeminded volunteers will do what they can, from where and how they can. Since its inception, The Friends of Prospect Place have collected approximately a dozen active members, with an additional dozen friends who contribute where/when they can. This loose confederation of the willing has been instrumental in cleaning up the property, making essential interior repairs, and advancing the overall restoration efforts. It’s not rocket science, and it really is also a lot of fun! John and I have met with and work with some great people, and though our paranormal investigating methods and strategies may differ, our combined devotion and commitment to Prospect Place has produced incredible results. Through our combined efforts, the property is looking the best it has in years! Our goal; to elevate Prospect Place to a major heritage tourist site and interpretive center. Ambitious? Yes! Do-able? Absolutely!!

Especially in a time of economic uncertainty, who better than the paranormal community is poised to advocate and promote the historic preservation of these crumbling artifacts? We believe that sometimes you have to put down the gadgets and recording devices, put on some ratty clothes and literally push a broom or paint a wall in support of a haunted location. Rather than focusing all of your attention on the next great location to collect evidence and record EVPs, perhaps you should be asking yourself, what can we do or how can we help save that haunted house? Just sayin’…

Respectfully submitted,


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Johnathon Robson and Jeff Cole ( C-Bus Paranormal )

Investigator Stan “Sparky” Pike (Team SPECTRE; North Canton, OH) supervising restorations in the Lady’s Parlor at Prospect Place.

Joy and Kim Salzwedel

Veronica Burt

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