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Collecting evidence of the paranormal should not be easy...

"Collecting evidence of the paranormal should not be easy."

Paranormal Investigation is a hobby of patience; we spend 6 to 8 hours at a place, with equipment set up and recording then at the end tear everything down, go home and review just to spend another 6 to 8 hours to find NOTHING and then start the process all over again, and that's fine. Truth be told, a paranormal investigation is a very slow sometimes boring process that yields nothing in the end. This is paranormal investigation done RIGHT. Unlike the TV shows where the common phrase is "did you hear that?" or "did you see that?" Or in almost every investigation they got so many EVP, video & photos of ghosts.

Paranormal investigation should NOT be easy if you are doing it right. If you do many investigations and get nothing, then you did your job right and you go back to try it again till you find nothing and deem the location "not haunted" or after many investigations you find 1 or 2 pieces of data, then you keep researching. People or groups ask us why we don't get evidence every time, they always do.

People say to us "Surly you photographed orbs, got a hit on the K2 meter, had the flashlight go on and off during questioning, did you find nothing on any of the ghost apps and did you not get any EVPS's on the Frank box, spirit box or SB7, did the device that speaks words not say anything?"

My response to the questions above to them is this "If you have easy time getting paranormal evidence then SOMETHING is wrong! If you have easy time getting paranormal evidence then SOMETHING is not being done right!" Go back and re-examine your method of collecting this data.

Collecting proof of the paranormal is NOT easy or fast. If you have a tool that every time you use on an investigation and you get proof of a ghost no matter where you are, there is a good chance it does not work or is giving you false positives.

Over the 10 years we have done over 170 total investigations (residential, follow-up cases, historic buildings & cemeteries), but when you go to our page and look at the data we have collect you will only find a total of 40 and that 40 is over 10 year stretch or to put it another way out of 100% of our investigations our success rate is 24% and that means 76% of the time we recorded no data. Ghosts are not easy to collect data on. Paranormal investigation should be a challenge to everyone and tools that give you a positive result every time are tools that do not work, for if they did don't you think science would be sending teams of people to the field to use these tools. They are not because something as immaterial, ethereal, rarely seen as ghosts is not easy nor do they always cooperate.

Stop and ask yourself, if you end every investigation with "evidence" and collecting it is easy ARE YOU DOING IT RIGHT?

I would also like to add a list of items that will give false positives and really should not be used in paranormal investigations. These items can mislead groups, its members and in return the clients. Remember if you use these items, and evidence is easy to get or you get something every

time or almost every time, that should send up a red flag to you. 1) Frank box 2) Spirit box 3) K-II meter 4) Every ghost app 5) Any Ovilus (in any form) 6) The "Flash light" trick"

Brian Fain

Founder, Massillon Ghost Hunters Society

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