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         Jeff Scott Cole

Jeff Scott Cole is a writer, former middle school teacher, and broken-down archaeologist, who unites his joy of teaching with his passion for all things old and ancient. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Cleveland State University and completed the coursework for a Masters, also in Anthropology, at the University of Cincinnati, where he was also an adjunct instructor. Ghostly Encounters: Confessions of a Paranormal Investigator (Skyhorse, Summer 2015), Jeff's foray into the dark and creepy world of ghost hunting, represents a hiatus from the more traditional history and prehistory texts typically found in his personal stacks. Jeff is a member of the Society of American Archaeology and the Ohio Archaeological Council. Recently transplanted from northeast Ohio, Jeff writes, teaches when he can, and is an Education Human Resources Consultant in Atlanta, Georgia.

Johnathon Robson

Former death metal musician, music production artist, bank fraud investigator…. turned paranormal investigator. Ghostly Encounters : Confessions Of A Paranormal Investigator, (Skyhorse Publishing) represents Johnathon's inauguration to the world of authoring and book publishing. Johnathon attended Highland High School in Sparta, Ohio, where he turned his attention to the music industry as a song writer and lead guitar player for a traveling heavy metal band. After several foiled attempts at world domination Johnathon later retired and helped start a local music production company. With an avid interest in the paranormal field and parapsychology, he formed C-Bus Paranormal in the summer of 2011. Since its inception, he has carefully guided the team’s development to include additional investigators located throughout the state, an arsenal of digital technologies useful in capturing evidence of paranormal phenomena, and a commitment to effective investigating methods and strategies. Though he still considers himself a skeptic at heart, Johnathon hasn’t stopped seeking the answers to what lies beyond death.

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