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Ghostly Encounters : Confessions Of A Paranormal Investigator


Mumbled voices in an empty attic, heavy footsteps on the stairs when all in the house are asleep, darting shadows across a darkened room . . .

It should come as no surprise that with the dawn of the Digital Age, people have turned their new technology toward the mysterious stories they've heard or events they've personally experienced. Here, in the dusky gloom where traditional science has refused to enter, a new breed of investigator has introduced us to the strange sounds and weird images from these nocturnal adventures.

Like most people, Jeff Cole has always been intrigued by aspects of the paranormal; does the human spirit endure after the body dies, and are there such things as ghosts? Though the deeper questions are best left to priests and scholars, his investigations of well- and lesser-known historical sites indicates the existence of a truly inexplicable phenomenon.

Ghostly Encounters: Confessions of a Paranormal Investigator chronicles Cole’s journey into the world of ghost hunting, other ghost hunting groups he has met, and the team he ultimately joins. Ghostly Encounters also provides a first-person account of the haunted locations explored, historical background and context to these sites, and audio and video clips so the reader can listen to and watch some of the startling evidence captured during these investigations.

In addition to these accounts, Cole also includes a general overview of the common equipment and experimental devices used in modern paranormal investigating, illustrating what works, what shows promise, and what should be avoided at all cost.






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